Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review for The Secret Life of Mushrooms on Erowid.org

Our first review, from the good folks at erowid.org

Dan Glass, as the voice and face of the documentary, is a sympathetic character, obviously interested in the topic and funny without seeming condescending. Overall, the editing is tight, the color is great, and the sound is good enough that the interviewees are all easy to understand, though the sound is somewhat below the standards of the high-end documentaries. The film is blessed with good footage of the town, the hills, and the plants of the area, showing off some of the damp wetness that lands on the hillside from the clouds that blow through the mountaintops. I had hoped to see some footage of the amazing single-donkey-width agricultural terracing from around Huautla, but even without it, The Secret Life of Mushrooms succeeds in giving a good sense of the beautiful landscape.

The complete review at erowid.org

Is the Zealotry of Enlightenment Crippling the Credibility of Drug Policy Reform?

I wrote a little missive on evolver.net, going in to some of my frustrations with the perception of drug culture I've encountered while trying to talk to people about the film.

The post on Evolver.net